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Pediatric Dentistry

"... My answer to this question is always: Yes. Babyteeth are as important as the permanent ones!"

Dr. Nader Rezvani is specialized in children dentistry and he offers full service pediatric dentistry in his office. The philosophy of his practice has always been focused on prevention.

Baby teeth play a very important role  in the health and well being of the successor permanent teeth.

Premature extraction of baby teeth can cause several anomalies in the permanent dention...

Some of our services for Children

Regular Cleaning and Check up

Dental Sealants



Twice a year cleaning and check up with application of topical fluoride can detect a number of dental anomalies that can be fixed easily to alongate the long span of the baby teeth.

Dental Sealants have been proven to be the best preventive measure against dental cavities for the past 40 years. The sealants are applied on the deep grooves and crevices of the teeth.

This is the home defence against cavities, controlling the daily sugar consumption (Candies, milk, juices, etc.) can play a very important role in reducing the dental cavities.

* The routine dental visit for children usually starts between the ages of 2.5 and 3 at our office.

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